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[外电] 交易大限 外野手篇

这位拥有速度的 25 岁小子在其他球队可以 先发上阵但在天使 , 他只是个四号外野手。 (#‵′)凸 (--------> 台湾有 0" 收贿" 14 , 天使有帆西 "小偷" 威尔斯 ) 其他选项 Other Options Mark Kotsay, corner outfielder, Padres - Kotsay, 36, has a .745 OPS and a salary of just $1.25MM. Mark Kotsay , 角落两侧的外野手 , 教士 : 36岁的他缴出 .745 OPS 的成绩 , 他很便宜, 今年薪资才125万 The Red Sox could trade Ryan Kalish, Ryan Sweeney or Daniel Nava once Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury are activated from the disabled list. The Reds match up well with Boston on paper. 红袜在一旦 Carl Crawford (今年应该回不来了) ╭ ﹀◇﹀〣 和 Ellsbury 归队后 , 会交易掉Ryan Kalish , Ryan Sweeney 或 Daniel Nave 。今年薪水为 950 万美。 ( Upton弟 表示 : 真心换绝情 (╭∩╮\_/╭∩╮) ) Jeff Francoeur, Royals - Francoeur's on-base percentage is below .300, his slugging percentage sits at .378 and he'll earn $6MM in 2012 and $7.5MM in 2013. In other words he'd have very little trade value. The Royals might be able to get Francoeur's contract through waivers in August. Jeff Francoeur , 皇家: 他的打击数字和他的合约不成正比 , 这让他在市场上没有什么价值。 右外野手 Right Fielders Justin Upton, Diamondbacks - The Diamondbacks will listen to offers for Upton, who’s still just 24 years old. While his offensive numbers are down (.273/.353/.401 slash line), this represents a buy-low opportunity for contenders and non-contenders alike. Justin " Poor " Upton , 响尾蛇 响尾蛇将会聆听 Upton弟 的报价 , 他才 24 岁。 David DeJesus, Cubs - DeJesus can play all three outfield positions and has a .271/.359/.387 batting line through 311 plate appearances. He earns just $4.25MM per season through 2013. So far there's no indication the Cubs have made him available. David DeJesus , 百年: Dejesus 可以在三个外野位置出赛并且在 311 个打数中有着 .271/ .359/ .387的打击成 绩。 Denard Span, Twins - Span has a respectable .334 on-base percentage and a team-friendly five-year, $16.5MM contract. The Nationals have had interest in Span before and the Twins seem willing to listen again this summer. Denard Span , 双城: Span 拥有 .334 的不差的上垒率加上对球团来说相当划算的 5年 1650万合约。 Carlos Quentin, Padres - Quentin figures to draw considerable interest given his production and contract status. I also discussed him in detail earlier this year. Carlos Quentin , 教士 昆汀的打击和合约状态给他制造了相当大的吸引力。 B.J. Upton, Rays - There's been some speculation that Upton could be traded, but nothing concrete. The 27-year-old is hitting .248/.303/.376 and earning $7MM as he approaches free agency. B.J. Upton , 光芒: 有一些光芒可能会把 Upton哥 交易掉的猜测 , 但一切都还没有浮出台面。 Juan Pierre, Phillies - The Reds have some interest in Pierre, who's reaching base and stealing bases as usual. Juan " Speed " Pierre , 费城人 红人对他有兴趣 , 他就像往常一样 , 上垒然后盗垒 end 。 虽然他今年的打击成绩不太好 ( .273/ .353 /.401 低潮!!) , 但这也代表任何得到他的 竞争球队 或是 不具竞争力的球队有了逢低买进的机会。百年原则上没有交易他的必要。这位 31 岁的家伙在今年球季缴出了 .245/ .344/ .369 附加八轰 和 19次盗垒成功。 这里有一群很棒很U质/滥到靠北边的名单喔: 中外野手 Center Fielders Shane Victorino, Phillies - It’s unclear if the Phillies are serious about moving Victorino, but he’s definitely on the radar as a potential trade candidate in the final year of his contract. The 31-year-old is hitting .245/.311/.369 with eight home runs and 19 stolen bases this year. He earns a $9.5MM salary. Shane Victorino , 费城人: 还不确定费城是不是认真地要把 Victorino 给送走 , 但是由于处在合约最后一年 . 他肯定是各队雷达上的目标。 他有 19支红扑浪 和 .913 OPS 。 红人 在台面上是很适合袜袜的交易对象。 27 岁的他今年薪资为 700 万, 缴出 .248/ .303/ .376的打击三围并将在今年球季结束 后成为自由球员。他会通过让渡名单的。 --------------------------------------------- 由于闪光吵着吃宵夜的关系 , 很晚才把这篇完成 非常抱歉╭(─╴╴─)╮ ▃▇ -- ※ 发信站: 批踢踢实业坊(ptt.cc) ◆ From: ※ 编辑: iwillloveyou 来自: (07/11 04:48)
celipliz:Chone Figgins 那段太靠北了 07/11 04:50
iwillloveyou:那不是球童吗? 07/11 04:51
JustinUpton:(╭∩╮\_/╭∩╮)(╭∩╮\_/╭∩╮) 07/11 05:31
iwillloveyou:本人震怒了 07/11 05:41
jj33882266:最后一段的翻译Daniel Nav"a" 推翻译XD 07/11 06:01
b2209187:Figgins那段的翻译也太...XD 07/11 06:14
celipliz:Vernon " Thief " Weels , 天使这个Wells 打错了XD 07/11 07:06 ※ 编辑: iwillloveyou 来自: (07/11 07:09)
iwillloveyou:已修正 07/11 07:09
herosir:.334的OBP算高吗....? 07/11 07:17
iwillloveyou:Respectable >> 我可不想翻成令人尊敬的上垒率= = 07/11 07:28
iwillloveyou:两个比起来用高上垒率还比较委婉一点.. 07/11 07: 28
whj0530:百年.... 07/11 08:01
pasaword:Wells sucks 07/11 09:35
Krislad:respectable不只有值得尊敬的意思还有不差的、颇好的意思 07/11 12:50 我查了英英 真的耶!
yoling07:willingham少了h...... 原PO辛苦了^_< 07/11 13 :33 已修正 ※ 编辑: iwillloveyou 来自: (07/11 16:15)
tirple:Wells那段翻的实在有点.... 07/11 18:27          。 Coco Crisp, Athletics - Crisp, now in the first season of his two-year, $14MM contract with the A's, is off to a slow start at the plate. Coco Crisp , 绿帽: Crisp , 正在开始他和绿帽签下的 两年1400万 的合约的第一年球季 , 他在打击上有个缓慢的 开始。不管是什么交易提案, 天使都必须吃下他大部份的合约就 像另外两个麻吉一样。 Bryan LaHair, Cubs - There's no urgency for the Cubs to move LaHair, who posted an impressive .286/.364/.519 batting line en route to an All-Star berth. Beyan LaHir , 百年 百年没有急于交易他的必要 , 他今年明星赛前的数据 .286/ .364/ .519怎么看都是 相当棒的。他到2013年前每一年的薪水都只有 425万 。 Peter Bourjos, Angels - Teams continue to call the Angels about Bourjos and the Angels would move him in the right deal, Jayson Stark reported recently. The speedy 25-year-old is a fourth outfielder in Anaheim but could start elsewhere. Peter Bourjos , 天使: Jayson Starks前阵子才这么报导过 : 许多球队都想要跟天使交易他 , 而且天使如果 收到一个不错的交易提案就会把他送走。 在八月 , 他能够通过让渡名单 。 他可以通过让渡 , 所以百年可以在八月没有阻碍地继续兜售他。 Josh Willingham, Twins - The Twins don't seem eager to part with Willingham, though he'd draw considerable interest if Minnesota made him available. He has 19 home runs and an OPS of .913. Josh Willingham , 双城 : 双城看起来不想和 威灵汉 分手 , 虽然他会吸引一狗票人倒追他。 国民一直很哈他 , 双城在今年夏天会再一次地聆听各个报价。 Chone Figgins, Mariners - It’s doubtful Figgins would draw much interest even if the Mariners were willing to absorb all of his salary. Figgins would clear waivers, so he'll be an August trade candidate. Chone Figgins , 水手 : END (._.?) Vernon Wells, Angels - Wells has a .704 OPS and a contract that pays him $21MM annually through 2014. The Angels would be covering most of Wells' salary in any deal. Like Figgins and Soriano, Wells would clear waivers. Vernon " Thief " Wells , 天使: Wells 缴出和他身价超级匹配的 .704 OPS的巨星成绩 , 天使在 2014 合约到期为止前都 仅需要每年送给他 2100万美。 左外野手 Left Fielders Alfonso Soriano, Cubs - Soriano could draw trade interest despite his over-sized contract. I discussed him in detail earlier this year. Soriano's contract will clear waivers, so the Cubs could trade him in August without restrictions. Alfonso Soriano , 百年: 屏除他的肥合约 , Soriano会有人想要的。我在球季稍早才刚仔细地讨论过他。不久前我才刚仔细地讨论过他